Who Owns Media Takeout?

Fred Mwangaguhunga


Media Takeout has been a go-to source for celebrity gossip and entertainment news for years. With its eye-catching headlines and juicy stories, it has gained a massive following and become a staple in the world of online media. However, have you ever wondered who owns Media Takeout? In this blog post, we will delve into the ownership of this popular website, providing you with valuable insights into its origins, development, and current ownership.

The Beginnings of Media Takeout

Media Takeout was founded in 2006 by Fred Mwangaguhunga, a Nigerian-American lawyer turned entrepreneur. Mwangaguhunga noticed a gap in the market for a gossip website that catered specifically to African-American audiences. With this vision in mind, he launched MediaTakeout as a platform to provide celebrity news and gossip with a focus on the African-American community.

Growth and Popularity

Media Takeout quickly gained traction and grew its readership thanks to its unique approach to celebrity news. The website capitalized on the increasing demand for fast and sensationalized content, delivering breaking news and scandalous stories. Mwangaguhunga’s strategy paid off, and MediaTakeout became one of the most visited gossip websites on the internet.

Ownership Changes and Acquisitions

In 2014, Media Takeout underwent a significant ownership change. Mwangaguhunga sold a majority stake in the website to a media company called MTO News LLC. The details of the acquisition were not publicly disclosed, but it marked a turning point for Media Takeout.

Under the new ownership, MediaTakeout underwent a series of changes aimed at expanding its reach and diversifying its content. The website expanded its coverage to include a wider range of celebrity news and entertainment topics, attracting a broader audience.

Current Ownership

As of now. Medi Takeout is still owned by MTO News LLC. The company has continued to invest in the website, focusing on enhancing user experience and providing high-quality content. With a team of experienced writers, editors, and content creators, MediaTakeout has managed to maintain its position as a leading source of celebrity gossip and entertainment news.

The Impact of Media Takeout

MediaTakeout has had a significant impact on the media landscape, particularly in the realm of online gossip and entertainment news.


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